pull up pants

At home. In the park. In the restaurant and everywhere else. Strong performance for an active life.

Easy to use, highest comfort and optimum safety provide an „A+“ quality of life. forma-care premium dry pants are a very absorbent, anatomically shaped incontinence pants with breathable TBS-air foil backing. The dermatologically tested and latex free product boasts a wide cuff for excellent comfort. The Dry Fluff locks in moisture quickly into the absorbent core and protects the skin against rewetting. Special gel components then absorb moisture and odour into the core of the product.
Additional safety during the day and night is provided by the Dry Safe leak protection system. The wetness indicator incorporated in the film shows the user when the product must be changed. forma-care PREMIUM Dry pants are for active users suitable to be worn like conventional underwear.

Safe and discreet - for unrestricted mobility in everyday life

  • Good skin temperature through the liquid-impermeable, breathable exterior layer
  • Discretion by white colour, rustle-free and textile-like outer film
  • Anatomically formed absorbent body for comfort and safety
  • SAP Gel Concept for locking in odours and liquids
  • Antibacterial, pH skin neutral distribution system for a rapid uptake of fluids and protection against rewetting
  • Hydrophobic - water repellent inner cuffs provide both reliability and extra protection upon application of the product
  • The wetness indicator shows safely when the product needs to be replaced
  • Highly comfortable / easy to put on and take off
pull up pants

pull up pants


NPC NHS Description & Brand Name MPC Size Severity Contents ISO abs. (ml)
Absorbent pull-up pants D14 Small
forma-care pants PREMIUM - dry small
CFP1952 2071 50 - 90 cm
14 pcs 1320
Absorbent pull-up pants D14 medium
forma-care pants PREMIUM - dry medium
CFP1953 2074 75 - 120 cm
14 pcs 1460
Absorbent pull-up pants D15 medium
forma-care pants PREMIUM - dry medium night
CFP1956 2075 75 - 120 cm
14 pcs 1800
Absorbent pull-up pants D14 large
forma-care pants PREMIUM - dry large
CFP1954 2077 100 - 155 cm
14 pcs 1590
Absorbent pull-up pants D15 large
forma-care pants PREMIUM - dry large night
2078 100 - 155 cm
14 pcs 1950
Absorbent pull-up pants D14 extra large
forma-care pants PREMIUM - dry x-large
CFP1955 2079 120 - 175 cm
14 pcs 1700
Absorbent pull-up pants D15 extra large
forma-care pants PREMIUM - dry x-large
CFP1957 2079-01 120 - 175 cm
14 pcs 1700
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